Strong, smart, vivacious and funny...

Canadian native Miranda Frigon is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment business in 2017.

Miranda just recently guest starred in "BONES" on FOX and in her 2nd episode of the CW's "SUPERNATURAL" but lately she is most recognizable for her current leading role as Detective Lynn Liggett Smith in Hallmark's Movie series AURORA TEAGARDEN MYSTERIES with Candace Cameron and Marilu Henner. She was recently nominated for a Canadian LEO Award for her performance in the series first film: "A Bone to Pick". The Aurora franchise has become one of Hallmark Movies & Mysteries most loved and highest rated shows on their network. Based on the book series written by Charlaine Harris (True Blood HBO, Midnight Texas NBC) the Aurora team is set to film the adapted script from the 7th book this coming fall of 2017. The first 5 movies "A Bone to Pick", "Real Murders Club", "Three Bedrooms One Corpse", "The Julius House", "Dead Over Heels",  have all aired and currently replay on the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries network. The newest movie "A Bundle of Trouble" will air on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries May 21st, 2017.

In addition to the Aurora series, Frigon will be guest starring in an upcoming episode of BONES on FOX, a supporting lead role in Lifetimes INFIDELITY IN SUBURBIA and a supporting role in the feature film LITTLE PINK HOUSE alongside Jean Tripplehorn and Catherine Keener.

Frigon has also become a staple in the Canadian market, recurring for 4 seasons as Janice Wayne on the hit CBC/CW/Netflix series HEARTLAND. You may also recognize her from some of her past roles on hit television series such as Showtime’s DEXTER, THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE on CBS, ABC’s UGLY BETTY, the CW’s SUPERNATURAL and EMILY OWENS M.D., CBC's ARCTIC AIR, ABC’s “V" and SyFy’s SANCTUARY. She also had a 13-episode run as Tech Agent Carver on JAKE 2.0 [UPN]. Frigon has also appeared in numerous feature films, including NEXT alongside Nicholas Cage, Julianne Moore and Jessica Biel, WHITE NOISE with Michael Keaton and not yet released LITTLE PINK HOUSE with Jean Tripplehorn and Catherine Keener. She also holds guest starring roles on past shows such as: THE DEAD ZONE, THE 4400, TRU CALLING, HIGHER GROUND, JOHN DOE and THE CHRIS ISAAK SHOW and her earliest job: a recurring on the DISNEY series HONEY I SHRUNK THE KIDS.

In past years, Frigon starred as ‘Angelika Finch,’ on PRIMEVAL: NEW WORLD.....The series, a spin-off of the UK series “Primeval,” follows a specialized team of animal experts and scientists who investigate the appearances of temporal anomalies; portals in time which provide doorways for dinosaurs and other ancient creatures to cross over into our time. “Primeval: New World” aired on SPACE in Canada, SyFy in the U.S. and in the UK on Watch, with additional pick-ups in 19 other countries. Frigon's orignal song "Hiding Place" was featured in episode 5 of the show and attracted a world wide fan base to her music. Miranda received a Best Supporting Actress nomination for the Canadian LEO Awards for her role on Primeval New World.

Her list of Independent and Movies of the week continue to keep her busy in between larger projects with starring roles in:


Frigon began her acting career at eight years old, appearing in dozens of television commercials. She knew from very early on that she wanted to dedicate her life to telling stories through the characters she brought to life. In addition to acting, Frigon had a passion for dance, and trained professionally for 18 years, while also working as a competitive gymnast for 15 years. Whether it was acting, dance, gymnastics, music, nearly anything involving art, she wanted to be immersed in it. Frigon studied as a theatre major at the University of Alberta, before receiving a scholarship to the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City, where she trained in Musical Theater. She shares, “I auditioned for a musical theater school in New York, got accepted on a partial scholarship and worked three jobs, seven days a week on four hours of sleep a night for five months to pay my way there. Five months later, a New York City taxi dropped me off in the middle of Times Square with my big hockey bags with the Canadian flags my mom had sewn onto them. I had no idea what I was doing, but I was very determined!” After her first semester in New York, Frigon landed a recurring role on the Disney series “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids,” and she has not stopped working since.

Aside from film and television, Frigon has also continued to work in theatre, starring in the Los Angeles / Vancouver tour of “Mental the Musical,” where she was nominated for best Supporting Actress in a Musical for the 2007 Ticketholder Awards, alongside Broadway’s “Jersey Boys,” “Avenue Q,” and “The Color Purple.”



In addition to her acting career, Frigon is also an accomplished singer-songwriter and musician. She just released her debut album "FIRST" available on Itunes, Amazon and CD Baby. Her album was fully funded and then some by her fans through a very successful KICKSTARTER campaign. BUY THE ALBUM HERE!  Her original songs have been placed by FOX, Paramount, the CW, UPN, the CBC, SPACE, Syfy Hallmark, Lifetime and numerous feature and Indie films.

Miranda has been playing piano ever since she was big enough to sit at the piano, her songwriting began soon after. She studied Canadian Royal Conservatory piano for several years and got "let go" from every teacher she had because they grew frustrated when she kept putting her own spin on all the Mozart and Beethoven classics. Her 4th teacher finally discovered that Miranda was faking to read the sheet music when in fact she was playing the songs entirely by ear memory. She'd only have to hear the songs a couple of times through then from memory she'd play the song back. Her mother finally realized that Miranda needed a much more creative environment and signed her up for a composing, songwriting class. This is where her true songwriting began. After attending the University of Alberta as a theater major, Miranda picked up the guitar while attending musical theater school in New York City, as the piano was too large to fit in her suitcase. When her acting career took her to Vancouver she began playing in any little cafe that would have her. She wrote and recorded many songs just for the love of it, never really pursuing any type of career in music. While on her first US series "Jake 2.0" while Miranda took breaks in her trailer she loved to write music for other peoples stories and she wrote 2 songs dedicated to the 2 lead actors who played love interests on the show. She recorded them acoustically and played them one morning in the hair and make-up trailer for the other actors. They loved her music so much, they sent it to the producers who sent it to the executive producer who then sent it to Paramount. She got a call from Paramount in Los Angeles a few weeks later asking if they could use her songs in the series. She has been writing and placing her songs in film and television ever since!

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